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Jun 15th 2011

Thank you for your interest! There are two main ways to subscribe to updates from my site.

Updates via RSS:

RSS is a great way to organize and review lots of information from different sites (including mine!) All you need is an RSS reader and a link to my RSS feed.

You can find a link to my RSS feed by clicking the logo on the sidebar or in the top-right corner of my site or you can simply click here: Subscribe via RSS my RSS feed

E-mail updates:

You can sign up for e-mail updates and get a daily e-mail notifying you of any new posts I have made. You can unsubscribe at any time and you don’t have to worry about me getting your e-mail address (it’s actually a service that Google handles).

To sign up, you can use the link on the sidebar to the right or simply click here: Subscribe by email sign up for updates via e-mail

Want updates via Twitter, Facebook, or some other service?

Then let me know! I’ll look into it for you.

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